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Protect your business from any legal challenges with our new Lawyer Package. Available in four different options, our packages are designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Focus on growing your business, and our experienced legal team will take care of the rest.

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499 PLN net/mo

2 h legal services

  • email contact,
  • max. 1 telephone contact
  • max. 1 letter/subpoena


899 PLN net/mo

5 h legal services

  • email contact
  • max. 3 telephone contacts
  • max. 5 letters/subpoenas


1299 PLN net/mo

9 h legal services

  • email contact
  • max. 5 telephone contacts
  • max. 10 letters/subpoenas
  • 5% discount on other services


1999 PLN net/mo

14 h legal services

  • email contact
  • unlimited telephone contact
  • max. 20 letters/subpoenas
  • 10% discount on other services

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    Our strengths

    Why us?


    Our team of lawyers are experts with extensive knowledge in various areas of law.

    Individual approach

    Every client is unique to us. We focus on the individual needs and goals of our clients, providing personalized legal solutions.


    Our lawyers have a track record of successfully handled cases. We strive to achieve the best possible results for our clients.


    We are available to our clients 5 days a week. In case of any legal emergency, we are here to help.

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    We are ready to provide you with comprehensive legal support. Fill out the form to submit your case to our team of lawyers.

    What should you do?

    1. Enter data that will identify you as a Lawyer Package holder.
    2. Specify the title of your case and select a subject category. This will help us forward your case to the appropriate expert.
    3. Describe the case by providing more detailed information so we can understand how we can help you.

    Completing the form will allow us to quickly take action tailored to the specifics of your case and bring it to a satisfactory resolution.

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